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Andy's News and Veiws.


From the office of President Andy




12 days from today:


Ring Rust will be held on March 13 at 1 pm. Weather has been real good the last few days and it looks good for the rest of the week. I see no reason to change the date or time of show at this point. Everyone please try to be there by 12 noon. We will practice before hand and have Shanes meeting witch will continue this year as well. We have 10 matches book for this show. With light and temp concerns I would like everyone to try to keep their matches under 10 minutes.


New faces:


At this point we have 6 new faces debuting for FVWA at Ring Rust. I would like everyone to talk to them and welcome them to the FVWA. A lot of you know what its like coming to a new fed so everyone give them a hello when you see them.


All the new workers will be on the show.


Referees and backstage hands:


We need help to produce these shows with quality. We need at lease 1 experienced ref at the start of this season. If anyone has a friend or a sibling that you can bring along to perform these duties it will help huge.


We Need

-2 Referees

-1 Sound man

     -1 Backstage Coordinator


The Backstage Coordinators job will be to have a copy of the script and can organize and have ready the next match before the current on is over, this would reduce the downtime A LOT!


If we can get these 4 positions filled then no wrestler will have to do these tasks and the show will run more fast and smooth.




The new ring is still a go. I had a meeting with Chris today and got all the details. Most of the new material is being donated. It has been asked that we volunteer for the donator for a day just as a thank you. This should not be a problem. We need to get a few things for ourselves. So I would like EVERYONE to bring $10.00 to Ring Rust to donate to this effort. So everyone please help out when and as often as you can. If you can donate more that would be great. We are setting up a dual signature account (takes to people to take out money) and I will hang onto the receipts and bank statements for everyone to see.





Back up Sound System:


If anyone has anything loud that plays CDs like one of those bad ass boom boxes please keep it in your car or something, just anything to have as a backup for Tims system. We had a few problems last year and last thing I need is to have a show stop for 10 minutes while we fix the Sound System.


Bios and music:


Ok I need everyone to check their bio, and e-mail me if anything is wrong, especially the music. If you dont have a bio, copy the format and send me one. Even if you sent me a bio and it isnt up, I lost or deleted it. Sorry. So please send me that info. If you dont tell me, youre getting the music that is on the bio, and if you dont have a bio, youre getting Michael Bolton and Yanni. My e-mail is




I expect and encourage our continued interpromotional work. We have good working relationship with Pf and EBW. Plus UCW has asked FVWA members to be apart of their shows in Kiel, WI. It is a credit to all of you. We are quickly becoming one of the most respected BYW feds in WI and the country. This is no joke; I have got E-Mails from all over the country of people wanting to fly to WI to work our shows. There may be as many as 10 new active members of the FVWA by April. Good job everyone.




I have had contact with 2 people looking to be trained. I have asked Cory to work with them, but I also ask that others help Cory in this matter. The success of any fed is not only to find good talent but to help make talent for the years to come.




These are exciting times. With the new ring it gives us the opportunity to travel to different locations and work shows. That almost gives us a Backyard/Indy vibe. So if anyone knows any locations that would let us run shows (at no cost preferable) plus, we would need access to a 12-16 foot trailer. If anyone can help with these two challenges let me know ASAP. Just think Wrestle Riot or another BIG show could be held at a venue and have 100+ at least. If that dont give anyone shivers what willJ.



From the office of President Andy



Well Brent wanted stuff to read so I figure I would start a column and throw out my two cents every now and then. The title is a work in progress. I just like this one because it makes me feel more important then I actually am. So from now and again I will write some news and thoughts that I have on the season and the group in general. So on to business.


The season that was:


Last season was a bigger success then I could ever imagine. I loved every minute of it. Everyone probably thinks that I am just blowing smoke up everyones ass; but I truly mean it. This is the best group of workers that I have ever been apart of! Thank you for making it the best it could be. There were a lot of people that said we would never make it past the first year. Well we are here and we just keep getting stronger.


Young Talent:


This last year I have been amazed by the young talent in this group. You guys bust your ass and put on a hell of a show. Us older guys can feel pretty good leaving BYW in the hands of such awesome talent. So keep wrestling smart and safe and you guys will tear up this fed years to come.


New Talent:


I have received e-mails recently from guys interested in being apart of the FVWA. So expect more transition this year. We may/will lose people along the way but with the interest that you have created for this group Backyard Wrestlers from all over Wisconsin have looked into working with FVWA. Plus, I have received e-mails from as far as North Carolina in people wanting to fly here to work with us. I will continue to work all season on locating the best talent for everyone to work with. Also, if you know anyone interest in wrestling, managing, refs, or just anyone who would like to help please get them to shows. The more people working for the show the better it will look. The better it looks, the bigger the crowds will get.


Thank You, Shane:


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Shane for his leadership and hard work in FVWA. I think he provided the spark that this group needed early to become one of the biggest and Best (no pun) in the Mid-West. Running the pre-show meetings and working with young talent has helped greatly.


The Meccas and the ring:


A big Thank you to Chris, Tim and everyone who helped maintain the ring and buy parts we needed to keep it in shape all year. They cant do it alone. We need extra help all year to maintain the ring and the yard around it. I know its hard for everyone to belly up the greenbacks. I just think if everyone could throw in some money here and there it would help. I dont expect the same 3-4 guys to carry the burden of paying for upgrades and upkeeps. Plus just having more people to learn how to tighten ropes and under cables will help as well.


I have heard that Chris has some donors that will give us material for a new ring. Chris lay out your plans and what you need from us and we will make it happen. I know everyone is always looking to improve on the ring and this would be a BIG step in the right direction. So everyone needs to help either with time or money for this to work. Its all up to how bad you guys want it.


Momma Mecca:


I would like to thank Momma Mecca for this now the 4th year of wrestling in her yard. Tim you can relay this thank you for me. Plus, I would like everyone to thank her personally next year. You dont know how many feds fold because they have no where to wrestle. We are very lucky to have such a great spot. (with good parking)




Not much will change. I will handle the booking duties and all the headaches that go with it. All I ask from you is contribute ideas and be there. If everyone can do those two things it will help a lot and maybe I wont be so burnt out after this season.




Well this looks like a good year. We have a solid base now. 75% of the roster knows each other and has worked with each other. Everyone else is blending in great. We will keep building on this solid ground and make this the season to remember. I expect everyone to continue off the good vibes and great skill showed at HS3 and carry it over to this year.


The Future:


For a few guys, including myself, this may be the last season and we would like to go out with a bang. Even if I retire from the ring, I will always run this group as long as you all want to be here. This will be my 8th season and I feel good and am looking forward to kicking all your asses. Take care and Ill see you in March.