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New Location!! 830 Sixth St. Menasha, WI!!

Updated - March 13, 2005 :
Quick Results are up for RingRust on the main page. Also, I put some Doomsday crap on there too. The card on the Doomsday 3 page may have some slight adjustments early this week.

 What is a "Crippler" Match?
Each Wrestler gets one escort each that carries one weapon of the wresters choice. Every time you get thrown out of the ring you get hit with your opponent's weapon three times. The winner can only be decided either by pinfall, submission or TKO after their opponent has been thrown out of the ring at least 3 times.

RingRust 2005 Quick Results!

Assassin defeated Blue Devil and Hart Attack in a 3 way matchup

Timothy Mecca defeated Kale

Joe E Terrifying defeated Heretic in a first to grab air ladder match

Touchdown defeated Craig Covenant

Damnum defeated "Dandy" Dan Slater

"Mr. Wrestling" Nick Colucci defeated Platinum Rapper

Dredd defeated Christopher Gambino

"Simply" Sean defeated Ares to regain the chicken he was so wrongfully robbed of months ago...

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Not Guestbook, it's a Seggestion Box
Please Place suggestions on how I can make 2004 better for everyone. E-mail storyline ideas to me. This box is general ideas on how to make the leauge run better and shows turn out better. Please no bashing wtresters or being rude. I will block your IP!! This is open to everyone including fans and wrestlers. So please feel free to leave a comment. If you would like to leave a private message or Idea E-Mail Andy, Thanks

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