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This is the hype page for the first Supershow of the year DOOMSDAY!



Doomsday Results:


Ranger beat Polish Luchador


This match was not worth talking about. The best part came after Polish Luchador lost he confronted Joe E. Joe E then beat the crap out of P.L and hit him with a people's elbow.


Heretic beat Mason

#1 contender for Mid-Valley Title


Another great match. Both men worked there asses off to get a shot at the new Mid-Valley Champion. In the End Heretic was too much for Mason and picked up the win.


Damnum beat Psycho Craig, D.Q.

Simi-Finals for the World Title


This was another good match. Psycho Craig pulled out every trick in the book to try to get a win over Damnum. COD cheated whenever possible to try to help Craig to the victory. At the end Damnum got Craig in the Damnation. With Craig taping out COD jumped on the apron and distracted the referee. Damnum jumped up to get COD off the apron. COD slid a kendo-stick into Craig. With the referee still distracted Craig hit Damnum in the stomach and twice in the back with the kendo-stick. When Damnum kicked out of the pin; COD jumped in the ring and Craig and COD kicked the tar out of Damnum. This prompted the referee to DQ Psycho Craig Damnum moves on the Finals


Brent Anderson beat Psychopathic Juggalo

Simi-Finals for the World Title


This could have been by far the best match of the night. With two of the best wrestlers facing each other for a chance to go on and win the world title. The match went back and forth with each competitor hitting a great move one after another. There were too many great moves to list. The spot of the match came when Brent hit Juggalo with a Vertabreaker from the apron to the outside of the ring. In the end Brent scored the victory and the right to move on and face Damnum for the World Title.


Tim Mecca beat Chris Mecca

FVWA Mid-Valley Title


Another great match that could have gone any way. Chris Mecca battled in this match with a broken hand. Both brothers showed each other a lot of respect and kept the match clean. Each man had his share of offence and it all came down to the end when Chris had Tim in the firemans carry. Chris attempted his version of the F-5, but Tim slipped out and hit Chris with the Mecca-Driver to score the victory and the Mid-Valley Title.


Damnum beat Brent Anderson

FVWA World Title


This was everything a World title should be. The match went back and forth between both men. Brent controlled most of the match. Every time Damnum would work on a come back Brent would cut him off. Brent hit a cork-screw moon-sault and a vertical suplex on the outside of the ring; but nothing could put Damnum away. At the end Brent hit his modified Blue-Thunder Bomb. Damnum managed to roll out of the ring. With the referee counting Damnum on the outside Psychopathic Juggalo interfered. Neither the referee nor Damnum saw the interference. When Damnum got back in the ring he hit Brent with the "End of Days" Power bomb and getting the win for the FVWA World Title.